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Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Operations
Whose responsibility is it to plow the HOA streets?


Snow Removal Information
The streets within St. Georges Estates are state maintained and snow removal is handled by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). Depending on the total amount of snow accumulation, the timeframe for plows to reach each community could vary from a few hours to multiple days. Please contact VDOT directly with questions or concerns and to report any unplowed streets. 
 ·   You can track VDOT’s progress online and in real time at
• Report safety concerns by calling: 800-367-7623
• More snow information at
• For up to the minute updates, follow VDOT on Twitter @VaDOTFRED, @VaDOTNOVA, @VaDOT, @511statewideVa, @511northernva, or @511centralva or visit


Why is there snow piled up behind my vehicle? Why can't they push all the snow to the end of the street?

The snow must fall off the plow blade to allow the truck to keep moving.  Otherwise, the snow would quickly pile up and preventing the truck from moving, leaving a mountain of snow in the middle of the road. If you have one foot of snow pushed forward 6 feet there would be a 6 foot mountain of snow in front of the truck.  Plowing doesn't remove the snow from the site; rather the plow pushes snow to the left and right and continues forward.
Why did they plow my car in again, after I finally got it out of all the snow?

In heavy snow, plows must visit a property more than once. Multiple visits are necessary because if there is too much accumulation the plow trucks will not be able to effectively move the snow.  Plowing does not remove the snow it only moves it from one place and relocates it to another place.  The plows do the best job they can to avoid putting snow in inconvenient places.   If possible, it's best to wait until the end of the storm to dig your vehicle out.
Why can't all of the snow be pushed to the center islands?

When plowing around islands, the snow is forced to the outer edges and falls off the blade there.   If there is room sometimes the snow can be pushed inward but only if the ability exists to back up and push forward.  Plow trucks are much longer than you may think.  Most properties have very little room to back the truck up but we do try our best to do what is most convenient for our clients when plowing.
If we must shovel our car out of the snow, what is the best way to go about this?

If you must shovel your car out of the snow, you should place the snow away from the road and walkways. This will help eliminate some of the snow that would otherwise be piled back around your car when the plow comes through. Though this will not completely eliminate your car from having snow pushed near it, when the snow is plowed, it will greatly decrease the amount of extra snow pushed near your vehicle and walkways.  Additionally, it would be best to wait until the plow has finished plowing and the storm has finished before digging out your car.  If multiple trips are needed chances are the plow will have to again push snow near your car.  Please keep in mind, if there are large storms and the snow is thrown from vehicles into the roadway, the snow may become too heavy for a regular plow resulting in the need to bring in a loader which would create delays and more expense.





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