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Neighborhood Safety
Disclaimer:  The St. Georges Estates Homeowner Association does not sponsor, sanction or charter any Neighborhood Watch. 
But, we are concerned with everyone's safety nonetheless.  If everyone just looked around as you drove through or walked the trails and reported suspicious activities to the Stafford County Sheriff's office we would greatly increase our safety.  Don't wait to report what you see.  Please don't confront the Sheriff's office and ask for a Deputy to drive through.
Stafford County Sheriff’s Office-Stafford County Public Safety Center
Non-Emergency: 540-658-4400
Physical Address:                                          Mailing Address:
Ford T. Humphrey Building                             P.O. Box 189                                                          
1225 Courthouse Rd.                                     Stafford, VA  22555
Stafford, VA  22554
Hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm
Monday – Friday
PARKING within the HOA
At the 2013 Annual Homeowners Meeting we were informed by Stafford County Sheriff Deputy that parking on HOA streets must comply with Virginia Code 46.2-899. Location of Parked Vehicles.
This code states "No vehicle shall be stopped except close to and parallel to the right edge of the curb or roadway, except that a vehicle may be stopped clse to and parallel to the left curb or edge of the roadway on 'one-way' streets."
Basically the problem is that homeowners are parking their vehicles on the wrong side of the street.  We are not allowed to park "facing" traffic.  In other words, you always have to park your car with the passenger side to the curb, facing the direction of traffic, or you will get a ticket.  It is dangerous for cars to park on the wrong side of the road and pull out directly into oncoming traffic.  The Sheriff will begin to issue tickets for this violation.



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