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Property Managment

Landmarc Real Estate

P.O. Box 7268
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Phone 540-371-3406


Basement Flooding?


The HOA received the following information from one of the homeowners regarding flooding in basements due to faulty window installation: Please read it to see if this may apply to your home!

"About two months ago my neighbor had significant flooding due to his basement window well collapsing and his drain not being installed correctly to pump the water out of the well. This was the window that uses the vinyl walls and acts as a fire escape. Today I went outside to notice that my window well was beginning to shift and I contacted Atlantic Builders to come out and take a look at it. Turns out the installers used nails in the brackets that fastens the wall to the foundation of the house, they did the same thing on my neighbors house. They were supposed to use bolts which add significantly more support. Atlantic is going to have the installers come out and refasten the brackets, any home owners who have these fire escape type windows may want to go and inspect their window to ensure that it was bolted in and not nailed. Better safe then sorry, if these go unnoticed and not inspected they could end up with major flood damage in their basements."

ATTENTION ATV Riders and St. George's Estates Residents

ATVs may only be ridden on private property designated for such use by the property owner.  St. George's Estates Homeowner Association property is private property on which ATV use IS NOT permitted.  ATV riders are not permitted on HOA trails or other members' private property.  Please respect your HOA and neighbors' property by restricting your activities to your own private property.  Although we do not enforce VDOT rules for ATVs on the streets, please be careful and considerate if you do ride on the VDOT streets.

Resource Protected Area (RPA)

St. Georges Estates includes several of these areas designated as "protected" under the Chesapeake Bay Act.  Removal of trees from these areas can subject you to state-imposed fines.  For this reason, if you want to cut down a tree, even though it is on your property, please submit an ACC form BEFORE you cut it down.

Maintain the Area from your Yard to the Curb

This area is technically -usually- a utility easement and part of the right-of-way belonging to the VDOT road in front of your home.  Keeping it as nice as you do your property helps maintain a wonderful appearance throughout our community.  Please remember to mow, edge and trim that property when you take care of your own yard.

Roof Cleaning (for those streaks of mold/spores on your roof)

13466 Stonehouse Mountain Road
Culpeper, VA 22701
Rotary Handy Man, LLC
(410) 454-0567
Serving Stafford, VA
Pressure washing service in Stafford County, Virginia
Address: Stafford, VA
Phone: (703) 367-7721
Vinyl Siding Repair 
Construction company in Dale City, Virginia
Address: 4895 Prince William Pkwy #201, Woodbridge, VA 22192
Phone: (703) 415-6741
Siding Contractor
Stafford, VA
(540) 300-1567
Window installation service in Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Address: 6326 5 Mile Centre Park Unit 416, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Phone: (540) 548-5805
Remodeler in Stafford County, Virginia
Address: Stafford, VA
Phone: (703) 501-7665
Disclaimer:  St. Georges Estates Homeowner Association does not sponsor, sanction or charter any Repair or Construction services.



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